Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Since 1993 we have been a California Approved Provider #20537

Click books or online above. Get materials you need. Pay when you pass online courses! Read instructions included with exam book.

Courses are labeled Life & Health or Casualty Agents. Courses labeled ANY agent can be take by either life of casualty agents.

Go to the DOI website at Choose Agents, then Check License Status. Continuing Education is at the bottom. It will show the credit required and applied (already taken). Or you can view general CE Rules here.

Yes. 3 hours of specifically-approved ethics training is required for every renewal period (2 years). We have several courses that do double duty in that they earn credits for you and at the same time meet the ethics requirements. This saves you from taking and paying for a separate ethics course. These courses are clearly marked on every course list.

The state regulates the amount of pages and questions in a give course. Generally, it follows that 10 pages of content equals 1 credit hour. Somewhere between 3 to 5 questions are required per credit hour. So, a 4 hour course can have 40 pages and a minimum of 12 questions; a 30 hour course can have 300 pages and 100 questions.

Mark answers to each exam on your answer sheet. Details on your exam or book.

You get instant results and instant certificates with all online courses. If you get your course materials online and choose to fax or mail your answers, we will grade your exam and send a Certificate of Completion by email within 48 hours.

View online courses and take exams without payment or sign-up. Pay when you submit answers for your Certificate of Completion. Due to the high cost of printing and shipping, book courses must be paid in advance.

We only collect information needed to produce a certificate and send results to the State. All data is entered and stored on secure pages and servers indicated by the tiny lock at the top of your browser and the “https” code at the top.

Yes, as long as you are in a different renewal period, e.g., Jack takes course 142 in the renewal period ending 6/30/19. In 2020 Jack repeats 142 again which is ok because he is in a different tw0-year renewal period ending 6/30/21.

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